Before being an artist, I work as computer specialist, do computer program up to 15 years, web design up to 7 years and flash design 5 years, work for many famous companies in China. While, I can not say all programmers are not good at communication, as for me,
I am not good at talking, do not know what to say, what you can not say, especially talking with my leadership. I always try to say the truth directly, as result, not welcome among colleagues in companies.

Fortunately, I met my love, a kind girl who loves art and has a dream of working as an artist and has a small art studio of her own.
She taught me how to paint and whatever need as an artist, And thus began my new career, to be a real artist.

We paint together, learn from each other, and share the happiness of art brought to us.

At the beginning, I try to copy some famous artists' works, and as time goes on, I know, I need my own style, which should be a little different, that can reflect my personality, my own characters, my thinking, my ideas, my happiness and my concerns. You know everything easier said than done, no progress in two years. It was really hard to find my unique style until a cold winter morning,on a small bus. The window was covered with ice, I tried to erase the ice to see outside, Suddenly I noticed the white world on the window, full of mountains, trees, flowers, roads, and it was really beautiful, while the area my fingers crossed, began to melt. Meanwhile, an idea flashed through my mind, may be I can do some sculpture on the oil canvas, and it should works !

But another problem was I had no idea what to paint, until an early morning I took my camera walking through the ruins of hutong.
One year before, there should be a beautiful old courtyard, but only a broken gate stood among the mass of rubble, and leaves fell to the ground with wind. My heart was deeply touched, it was not only because one hundred year old building vanished in the morden city, but many people do not know how serious it is,if no body protects the old buildings and traditional culture, they will vanish one day from our life ! This will be the fault of our generation, to the next generation.

The next day I made a small painting, used knife carving on an oil canvas, with gray background, and make an outline of the vanished hutong, with red plum blossom which is a symbol of traditional Chinese culture, falling down to the ground. And here comes my own style,that reflects my feelings, and the serious issue that I want to tell all the readers via my works.

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